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I am Chris Teter your authority in planning a golden retirement.

I have been in the financial services field since 2004, my initial focus was on financial planning before expanding into life insurance and annuities in 2013. For 5 consecutive years, I was a top ten agent for Baltimore Life. One of the best qualities that I have is the ability to connect on a personal level with all my clients.

As an independent agent, I have access to the products of about a hundred companies, always with the goal of finding what works for my client. Outside of life insurance and annuities, I can also write group health insurance plans and set up benefits packages for our valuable 1099 workers.

I have been happily married to my wife Catherine for 37 years and we have 5 grown children. All of them have made it through college and two through grad school and 1 going for his Ph.D. in rocket science!

I am licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas and Florida. 

I am licensed across the country. If not currently licensed in your state I’ll obtain the license so that I can write what’s right for you!